Corporate value definition

How to create a company environment where people work with joy and therefore well? The answer does not depend on the number of ping-pong tables in the office nor is it deoendent on the motivational quotes on your office walls. The way to create such an environment is through the definition and maintenance of common values.

Corporate values ​​are a set of basic beliefs and principles on which a company is built. They determine how matters within the company and interpersonal relationships work. These values ​​then affect all aspects of the business. Internal ones, such as the corporate culture or employee benefits, as well as external ones, as for instance customer service or marketing strategies. If these values ​​are properly defined and naturally respected, the company can then employ motivated and committed people and better respond to customer needs.

During several consecutive workshops and meetings, together with your employees at different levels across the company, we will focus on what is typical for your company. What makes it special, what are the relevant habits, unwritten rules and what is the culture of your workplace like. This will allow us to work together to define the values ​​of your company, which will gradually be reflected in the daily functioning of the nusiness. Both inside and out.

Company values ​​are the answer to the question of who we are. They make up your company's DNA. We will help you define and anchor them.

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