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For us, Engagement is about the employee's relationship with his work and the company. We create an environment where people work because they truly want to!

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Engagement analysis

Do you know the feeling of being extremely excited about work? When you're looking forward to it in the morning and can’t wait to come back on Monday when it’s Friday? The level of our engagement is about this and much more.

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Internal communication

Disseminating information is crucial to the atmosphere and performance of a company.

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Corporate value definition

Don’t you wish to be part of an organization with meaningful corporate values and to work in an environment where your needs are reflected in the company’s identity?

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Our leadership skills development programs begin with the implementation of a Management Assessment Center/Development Center. Through these we define the development needs of participants, provide them with individual feedback and monitor their progress throughout the program.

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Development workshops

The development consists of carefully selected workshops and interactive sessions. The programmes are based on our good practice and are complemented by the specific needs of our clients and the results of individual diagnostics.

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Hackathons & creative workshops

Based on a specific assignment, we facilitate a tailor-made workshop that results in a developed concept and action steps for further action.

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Employee branding

What is at the heart of your company culture and what makes it different from others in the same sector? To attract internal employees and external candidates. We have our own audio/video JuiceUP Studio.

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